welcome to cowfund.

welcome to cowfund.

what is this cowfund? we're a web3 angels collective covering all sectors in crypto, including DAOs, DeFi, NFTs, L1s, modular blockchains, and data infrastructure.

how does it work? we share deals, meet collectively, and invest on an individual basis.

is it real? legally, no—but as a club, sure. despite the name, everyone involved seems to be a living human being.

how is it good for angels? angels share deals, share diligence and thoughts, and can choose whether or not to meet with the rest of the group when they’re interested in a deal—but are expected to clear time on a weekly basis.

how is it good for founders? instead of pitching a bunch of angels individually, founders can pitch web3’s top angels all at once, take the checks they like on an individual basis—and, of course, get that sweet sweet validation of announcing that cowfund was in the round.

how does one join cowfund? cowfund is invite-only. a member of cowfund has to nominate new members, and at least 80% of the voting members have to vote in favor. there is no application process, though interviews may be requested. please note that cowfund is not currently accepting new members.

how do i reach out to cowfund? reach out to any of the individuals below.

who is in this so-called cowfund? glad you asked—here’s the team. Andrew Hong Andrew is head of education at Dune Analytics, the creator of Our Network's Data Course, and writes a newsletter on data at web3datadegens.substack.com. He supports projects with the web3 data engineering stack, analytics engineering, as well as product and wallet analysis/segmentation.

Annika Lewis Annika is Grants Lead at Gitcoin. As a Web3 operator, she can help with DAO structuring, ops, and tooling. As a former VC with a specialty in data, she can help with fundraising and conveying technical narratives to broader audiences.

Chase Chapman Chase is the cofounder of Decentology, a web3 bootcamp and smart contracts marketplace, and hosts On the Other Side, a podcast with web3 thought leaders. She is part of the Orca Protocol team and spends her time working for, thinking about, and supporting DAOs.

David Phelps David is the cocreator of ecodao and jokedao as well as a 2x founder and writer on web3 at Three Quarks. He often supports companies by writing threads, brainstorming on strategy, hosting founders on cowfund’s podcast, connecting them to investors and builders, repeating insights from his therapist, and most of all, developing strong narratives that can be used internally and externally to communicate values and longterm impact. You can read more about David here.

Jad Esber Jad is the co-founder and ceo of koodos and an Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet & Society at Harvard. He can help with market design (including reputation systems, token design, etc.), user research and first-time founder things (early-stage hiring, becoming a leader/manager, talking to investors, etc.)

Jihad Esmail Jihad helps run Forefront as a core team member and contributes to Other Internet as well. He can help with DAO org design, tokenomics, community management, and B2D or D2D partnerships.

Jim Chang Jim is the Head of Experiments at Aave, and a contributor to Pleasr and GitcoinDAO. He can support in 0 to 1 product development, tokenomics, and community building.

Julia Rosenberg Julia is the co-founder of Orca, a protocol for scaling DAOs. She can help with DAO integrations, governance improvements, community building, memetics, and product strategy.

Nader Dabit Nader is an educator and developer of over 10 years who has founded Developer DAO, written multiple books on React, and is currently working on modular blockchains at Celestia Labs. He loves to help teams understand the tools, protocols, services, projects, and products that developers are employing, and he often develops videos, articles, and syllabi to help others understand protocols as well.

Ryan Watkins Ryan was the lead analyst for Messari before cofounding co-founding Pangea Fund Management, a thesis driven hedge fund investing in the secular winners of the cryptoeconomy. He works actively in protocol governance with a concentrated group of public markets positions while angel investing in private markets.

Sari Azout Sari is the founder of startupy.world, a human-indexed search engine owned by its contributors. An angel investor in 35+ companies including Mirror, Wonderverse, Backdrop, and Ceramic, she loves thinking about Web 3 community architecture and ownership design—and can help with storytelling, distribution, product strategy, and community design.

Scott Moore Scott is the co-founder of Gitcoin, an internet-native community for building and sustaining new kinds of public goods. He's also a steward for related projects like ENS, Gnosis Safe, and Optimism. He supports companies with partnerships and ecosystem building.

Sirsu Sirsu has co-founded three web3 projects: MintFund (public good community helping creatives mint their first NFTs), The Well (a cultural index for black artists), and BLVKHVND (an esports DAO aiming to protocolize competition). He is a service designer building work centered around accessibility and culture, and he can support with experience design, community focused frameworks, collaborative research, and general business advisory.

Stefen Deleveaux Stefen is President of the Caribbean Blockchain Alliance (a regional nonprofit focused on education and public policy) as well as Growth Lead at Govrn. He can support with strategy, community & ecosystem building, and mission alignment.

Steve Klebanoff Steve is a solidity + full stack software engineer who has been a tech lead at 0x, created the first fractionalized cryptovoxels parcel, collaborated on the gen art series solvency.art, and is now a core contributor to PartyDAO. He also an advisor to Art Blocks and other prominent NFT projects in the space. He invests $10-25k checks in NFT and DeFi projects with his wife Breanna under the name “Next Epoch Ventures”.